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Time For A Breakthrough

You’d love to wake up one day and find yourself excited about your life.
You dream about a career that allows you to feel successful and fulfilled.
You want a soul-shaking love affair that has the passion, stability, and potential to last a lifetime. You desire relationships that make you feel loved and supported. And you want to feel like you’re actually ALIVE, passionate, and on fire with energy & enthusiasm.

But right now it feels like you’re stuck in a life you don’t want, watching everyone else succeed, except you. You don’t know how to break free…



  • “Elizabeth is a genius! Her warm, kind approach helped me to understand what I want. I so appreciate her independent point of view; it is wonderful to talk honestly and know she has your best interests at heart. She is brilliant, offering sound advice and reminds you – be your best self….she rocks!”

    Fiona (Dublin, Ireland)
  • “Elizabeth’s direction makes the women in her presence feel cared for, (and); her optimism and … promise of love are contagious. Elizabeth brings out the long-lost feminine in everyone who surrounds her.”

    Kristine Gasbarre, author, How to Love an American Man
  • “Elizabeth possesses a unique set of gifts: a laser-like ability to get to the heart of an issue; the skills and resources to help us find and create new pathways to our dreams; and, a wonderful sense of humor…She’s always got my back!”

    Elvira Ryder